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  1. Its an Invoice Software. You can track your order details and can immediately send the invoices of your order to your clients to make it more trackable and it definitely worth having something like that. Hope That Helps.
  2. Its completely depends on you how you wanna manage your business. because nobody has control over your business or your time except you. But you can split the time and spend some chunk of the time on fiverr as per your convenience. this is how you can active on fiverr. but do not listen to them who will suggest you to stay active 24/7. This is a garbage suggestion and for a normal person you cant active 24/7 until you have a team who can work day and night shift and control the business. so you know what i mean! Good Luck.
  3. That is kind of great news. literally in recent times, i noticed as well that, i am barely getting time to spend some on increasing my quality of my gig or you can say adding some more spices into my gigs to make it more engageable and reachable to my client and that is the exact reason seller plus could be a turning point for seller like us. i would love to join in seller plus if i could get a chance. couldn't ask more than that. Thanks a Bunch for that. 🙂
  4. Hi there! Umm kinda confused. But one thing for sure if its break the third party T&C along with Fiverr T&C then its prohibited to sell something similar that you quoted. So its better to read both of their T&C before selling such a service in this platform. or for better interpretation you can reach out to Fiverr "Customer Support". Hope That Helps. ##Alam##
  5. No, that shouldn't be a problem. The thing is You delivered the project on time (within your project timeframe) But after delivering the project your buyer asked for a revision. so again the remaining time will be started to countdown. as you quoted that your gig order countdown showing already ##LATE## (that means your time was up) this shouldnt be a problem just because you delivered on time. No worries! Kind Regards A
  6. Hi there! perhaps this is bit confusing that word you used nevertheless i am guessing that you wanted to type "banned" instead of what you wrote. so, if you're scare of getting banned from fiverr as a new seller this shouldnt be the thing you scare of as long as you are aware of fiverr's "Terms and condition" I would suggest you to go through their T&C first to avoid the further inconvenience. It would be far more easy to navigate this platform without the fear/scrainess you're living with. Hope that make sense. Kind Regards A
  7. Hi there! Good Question. If Buyer ask you what he/she needed to know and you explained/answered them according to what they wanted to know there shouldn't be a problem to win that specific job. But as you asked if some buyers want to see practical experience of yours than You can make them understand that youre new to this platform but you didn't finished any job here yet but if you done anything outside of this platform or say locally then you can obviously share your portfolio with them and you can generously make them understand how you'll finish the job step by step so that the buyer can initially get a confidence that, "No he/she is the person i was looking for and i can trust them who can finish the job for me" Though lots of buyers mindset wont be same/similar. as manumarino quoted that just wait for the right time grab the right job for you. I wish you all the best for your future job. Kind Regards A
  8. Yes you can use one and only account in multiple devices. and it doesn’t matter how you give your services (individually or team wise).
  9. Go to Profile> Scroll Down> Then you will find “Take a Test” option at the left side like this picture i attached.
  10. So, you think it’s all right to cheat and break the rules? For example, you don’t care if someone manipulates the system by having multiple accounts and gets a number of orders that way, while you rarely get any? Hell No. why i am gonna think that its okay to me cheated the system? i was just pointed out that, there is a scope to do so. so its absolutely depends on someone how he want to do it or not. and yes i do care.
  11. Actually, it’s one person, one account. One person who has 10 devices isn’t allowed to have 10 accounts. If they don’t get caught,. who cares!
  12. Perhaps its Fiverr Bugs, not sure though. you can take support from support@fiverr.com
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