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How to delay delivery time without making buyer pay for extras?


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I looked through the website and used the search bar in the forum but I didn’t find a solution, so I’m sorry if this has already been asked or it’s obvious. I may have missed it because I’m also a little out of it because I just got the news of a bad emergency in my family, which is why I’m asking this.

Is there a way to delay delivery time without making the buyer pay? I have an order with an old-time client that I’m sure would have no problem if I extended the delivery time for a few days. However, the only way I can do that through the order page is to offer an extra-service and add a number of days for that service. But it asks me to put a price higher than 5$ and I don’t want the buyer to pay, since the problem is mine.

Is there any other way to extend delivery time for an order?

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