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Can some one please check my gigs?


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  • What do you mean by Bus cards in gig title. Write it completely business…
  • Upload a creative slideshow video of your work images.
  • Make collage of your work (4 images in 1 collage image) and upload them.

And most important, keep focusing on keywords. How to use them and where to use.

We’ve all seen these posts here on the forum from time to time. Many sellers have the same question: “ Why isn’t my gig visible when I search for it? ” and “ What’s up with Fiverr’s algorithm? My gig is on the last page!!! ”. In this post I’ll try to answer those questions, and give some (hopefully) helpful tips and tricks to help you rank your gig in Fiverr Search, and get more orders and better visibility. This isn’t a full-proof guide in any way. Following these tips doesn’t guarantee top…
Ok, this is 100% successful. I mean: working on the keywords, friends! +1 This is what I’ve done on my Gigs, that is anyway important also to focus on skills and important parts of the Gig you want to showcase. The Title of the Gig has keywords, these keywords must be not “creative” or “random” but very specific to your Gig. If you have a Gig about marketing, use “marketing” and not something else. Got it? Then use “marketing” in the description of the Gig. Focus on it and explain what it m…
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