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  1. Yeah, that’s the best idea. I used it a few days ago. And received the balance within few mins, however, the time period is for 7 days. Yes, they take just open a ticket and share its reference number to them via twitter. It helped me.
  2. I ❤️ to read. Every time I visit Forum, I learn a new thing.
  3. Did you refreshed he page?? And wait for some time, it will be normal automatically.
  4. Love For All Of You!!! @vibronx @humanissocial @mariashtelle1 @imagination7413 @social_pixel Edit: @vickiespencer too 💝 ❤️ 💝 Didn’t found any GiF… How to add that? I was also going to leave and I left too… but gave it another try!!
  5. Thanks @vibronx, for guiding me…
  6. Edit: Post Withdrawn as I found it unhelpful!!!
  7. That’s your fault. Why did you contact the buyer out of this platform? You shouldn’t accept the buyer’s offer to contact on whatsapp. That doesn’t matter for now… Just be careful with upcoming orders and complete them on time. Increase your delivery time if you can’t do work in less time. Hopefully, you will be a great seller ahead!!! 🙂
  8. Don’t ever try. It is against Fiverr Terms of Service. Yes, your account will be disabled permanently. And if you create another one that will be disabled too. Could you share why are you going to deactivate your account?
  9. Really great!! Those who are frustrated or are in big trouble/tension, they must read this. Would feel relaxed, joyful and happy. There should be something like this once in a month. To help stressful people become lighten… 🙃
  10. Hi Everybody, Hope everyone is doing great!! I wanna ask a question. Do I have to take permission from the singer to create his song’s lyric video as a sample in my gig video? Is it right to use the song for the lyrics video? Answers are appreciated!
  11. We all would follow the quote: "Live in the present. Make your today, better than yesterday, and be prepared for tomorrow."
  12. You would’ve changed the number and when changing it again you might have forgotten the number. By writing the wrong number a couple of times your verification would’ve stuck!! Just remind them to reply to your query here.
  13. image44382×531 52.7 KB@vibronx That’s how people think the world is fool.
  14. Just wait for 24 hours and then try again, it will be fine!!
  15. :rofl: Just Telling. Don’t take it seriously .
  16. Whats the secret? I heard this from you only. Please tell Then listen from me also. Me also have different username. Here it is Rana4944 on fiver it is Rana0549
  17. I don’t have neche. I have niche. Which is 3D Designing and Rendering.
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