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Topic a Day for November 9: Fiverr Power Words


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In another thread the use of the word(s): “I would prefer…” when someone offers to pay for a bigger project outside of the fiverr environment, brought up the idea of additional power words that might be worth sharing.

Here are a few:

“Guaranteed” - Not for everyone, however, if you’re more open to being ‘scammed’ occasionally but always having your 100% feedback, consider that word in your gig titles and descriptions.

“Done for You” - While fiverr is generally a “service” micro-outsourcing shoppe, this phrase is very powerful.

“Original” / “Custom” - Let’s someone know no one else is getting this work.

“Sure-fire” - Is a word that installs confidence.

“In my understanding” - it’s a phrase that let’s you “set” the issue to one of terms of service or the like. I.E. “In my understanding, you may send me a link provided it is necessary for completing the work, but not to circumvent fiverr rules.” Or "In my understanding, if you want to connect with me on s***e, you’ll need to order this gig that is s***e Approved for the preservation of both of our accounts."

And interestingly, the word “exclusively” as in “Exclusive on Fiverr.com” is one of the power words Fiverr makes us use.

What are some of your favorite Power Words.

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Guest mrspanda

“Specializing” I feel like this sets me apart from other people that have similar gigs. 🙂

“Until you are satisfied” 🙂


"You can expect"

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