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Card suggestion needed!


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Hello everyone!
I’m looking forward to getting a card mostly for International transactions or purchases. Now, I would like to know which one would be more beneficial for me? Payoneer or Fiver Revenue card? I know both are powered by Payoneer but they have different fees structure, right? Normally, I will use Payoneer to Bank for regular use.

Please let me know in detail. Thank you!

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Maybe these will help?

TL;DR: Payoneer is cheaper than PayPal for sellers that need to convert USD to their local currency, switching to a different method of withdraw can save up to 2% on all withdraws. The only purpose of this post is to help sellers save money. This is not a sponsored post or any form of advertisement, and I will not be including a referral link or anything else that would give me any economic intensive to promote this service. A problem a lot of us faces is that PayPal’s exchange rate from USD t…
I don’t know why, everytime when i withdraws payment to paypal then it cuts 10% from my total in paypal then it sends to my bank account. I was very wondered because 20% already takes by fiverr and when i sends it to my bank account via Paypal inIndia then additional 10% also cuts by transfer charge. I don’t know how. Please tell me suggestion which one is best Paypal or Payoneer and also what is total deduction % taking by both method to transfer it to bank account in India.
Hello everyone! I live in Europe and I was already withdrawing money through PayPal (Euro to Euro transaction). Now it seems that I can choose to withdraw the money in two different currencies, Euro or Dollar. Do you have any advice? I would like to avoid high commissions from PayPal or whatever they’ll do with my money. Thanks
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