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Thanks to the awesome forum experts!


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I’m very excited I just made it to level one, and I wanted to say thank you to all of the fantastic forum members who make Fiverr easy for new members to use! There are a lot of you who are always willing to help, even when the same questions get asked again and again. In my experience with other forums, most people do not like to keep answering the same questions, so it’s great to see how helpful and kind you are to the many clueless new users (myself included) here on Fiverr.

The guides you take time to write are also really helpful. I know there are probably many great tips that have been buried deep in the forums, but the posts I have had the pleasure of reading have taught me a lot, and I surely wouldn’t have been able to enjoy such a fun first month on Fiverr without all of your efforts to teach new users. I’m surprised at how readily you share your knowledge, and I really appreciate it.

Seeing how consistently kind some of you are makes your expertise in customer service very apparent to the many users who read your posts, and I think you set a really good example of how successful Fiverr sellers should treat their customers.

So thank you so much for all of the hard work you do for this Fiverr community! =D>

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