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How to SEO gig properly


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I copied the SEO stuff from the “PLEASE, Fix the Search Algorithm! (POLL)” that you need:

Make sure your tags are what people will search in the search bar. Then:

  1. Use tags all separated, no two words in one tag. Try to use synonyms instead of 2-worded tags. This is what I use:

  2. Use your tags in your title:

  3. Use more of your tags in your description, without making them way too many (I tried my best to add as many tags as possible without making it too much):

    screenshot_420744×339 34.2 KB

Once you edit a gig, it may disappear from the search for about 24 hours, but you have a chance to get it in front of other gigs once it appears again. If your gig becomes viral (receives a lot of orders), NEVER edit your gig, as it may go back in the search results page.

If this doesn’t work, apply for buyer requests, they may bring someone to you. If there are no buyer requests, stay online more, and refresh the page more often. If you tried to send proposals and never succeed, here are some tips on how to make your offers work:

One piece of advice commonly given to new sellers is to send buyers an offer over buyer requests. However, often people ask how to send a good offer. Here are some tips I compiled from others and from my own experience. -Make sure to add a friendly greeting -Offer a special deal to the customer that they wouldn’t get otherwise -Make sure your grammar and spelling is top-notch -DO NOT use the same offer letter for every customer. You want to customize the offers to their needs. -Add relevant…

ATTENTION, I’M STILL NOT SURE IF THIS METHOD WORKS! It only worked for me by far. If someone else did it and it worked for them too, then this is the way to go!

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As a word of caution, make sure you aren’t going overboard with keywords. Fiverr does a good job at preventing “keyword stuffing”, but I would make sure your descriptions are clear, readable, and accurate before getting into nitty-gritty SEO details.

I hope this helps! 😄

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