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Is getting a $ tip a factor in seller ratings?


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Is there anywhere that lists how the total Fiverr rating for a seller to get higher rank on the search result pages work?

Foe example, we know 5 star ratings and no cancels and fast turnaround are factors…

But what about

  1. Getting tipped
  2. Producing work before the expiration
  3. What are revisions worth


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Might be or might not be.

Fiverr does state that gigs placement based on your performance which goes beyond just your statistics.

However fiverr never disclose the real metrics that’s taken into account.


But since i see you so long here and active, maybe you have idea if Ordering from gig are giving better performance, than sending custom offer and getting accepted by seller?

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It’s obvious that fiverr prefers sellers who make money for them. However a buyer will only tip you if he loved your service so it is trust factor towards fiverr and it concentrates on the conversion rate aswell the more the better ranking. The more money you make for fiverr the more clients they will reach you. As simple as that. Fiverr also takes a review from buyer separately which is not disclosed i strongly believe this plays a major role in ranking your gig.

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I thought @prafulkharade had great insight here, but I’d like to expand on something 🙂

Imagine you’re coding for Fiverr.

In front of you is a long list of any and all features that exist on the site.

You have the choice to rack and stack the ones that matter most to the ones that matter least, all factoring into an algorithm.

Personally, I would put 5-star reviews pretty high up my list, followed by response rates, followed by average earnings, etc.

My point is that there’s a strong possibility that tips are factored in as well.

Hope that helps! 😁 My best advice is to just keep chugging along, do a great job, and everything else will fall into place.


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