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The buyer is irresponsive

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I’m just experiencing a difficulty with my buyer.While purchasing my gig he has not filled the gig requirements completely and order started.
I have got 2 orders with this buyer in this week with 5 star feedback.
But now when i say to him to extend the delivery time he just says ok but never do it.
He also not providing the gig requirements.
The order is going to late and i’m afraid that i will get automatic negative feedback from fiverr if buyer cancel it from their side.
I have contacted the customer support and asked to cancel this order and is waiting for support reply.
So what you suggest or think what can be happen in this situation?
Will customer support help me or not?
If buyer cancel this order before CS reply then CS will help me to remove that feedback?
I have asked CS to cancel this order without affecting my stats so they will do the same?
Hope for your Suggestions.
Thanks Regards,

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