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Is it just Fiverr or Global Analytic issue?


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I’ve been seeing from past week or two about all that gig impressions, clicks etc error. But i’m amazed that my dribbble and twitter platform also not giving me much impressions and clicks.
And yes Fiverr was having an issue of submission buyer requests dates (maybe timezone) they were showing latest buyer requests dates (-8 to -12 hours) of my timezone “but today its solved 👍

Dribbble : i’ve started to boost my sale shot on dribbble, its been 4 days im not getting much impressions just (150) in last 4 days 😂 plus my shots not reaching to specified audience

Twitter : same for twitter, i never faced this before on this platform - this is first time

i think this is not just Fiverr issue, anyone facing anything like that on other platforms ?

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