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Unhide suspended gigs from user profile


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When a gig is suspended it no longer shows up on a seller’ profile, even though it might be a very important gig to that seller, and people may want to look at it. I think when you suspend a gig, you should get an option to hide it or still display it on your profile, with a suspended status so people can’t order. That way when someone checks you out, you can still advertise your services and a potential buyer can contact you if he/she really likes what you are offering on that suspended gig. Or perhaps a buyer from a gig that’s still being handled can go back and read the description etc.

That way you can still use the reputation you built up with a certain gig (and people can still read the ratings/comments etc) even if you’ve only got a newer gig active. Unless you specifically say you want it to be hidden.

What do you guys think?

My gig is currently suspended and now it looks like I havn’t done anything at all 🙂

And I for one like looking at people’s profile/gigs, so I’m sure others do aswell.

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