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What to do in this situation? Thank you


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I want to share quick story and ask for help. Please tell me what to do in this abnormal situation and sh*t fiverr customer support.

I had a customer who asked for an AR app. I delivered the app and he forgot about the order. The order as marked as complete, the money was cleared. He realised his mistake and wanted to open an other order for 5$ just to have something going.

I delivered the project, and he told me its not working, i was trying to fix the bug for weeks, and after he realised that his phone is not compatible with AR, he could not install ARCore because it was restricted in his country. So i was chasing a ghost for weeks in vain. I have sent him a link where to download the ARCore apk to install it.

After 1 month of the first order, which was already crealered and the money was mine, he requested a refund and he got it. I wrote to customer support, which is a pile of sh*t,explaining the situation and could not resolve anything.

Again, he asked for an AR app, i delivered it, he realised his phone is not compatible, and he could ask for a refund. What the hell is this? This is not normal at all, the product is still sellable and working how he wanted, only he doesnt have the necessary hardware for it.

What to do in this situation? Thank you.

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Have you explained the situation clearly and calmly to customer support? This may have been a paypal chargeback - it gives the same notification “this order has been cancelled by support”.
I suggest you calmly contact support and find out the issue. In some cases where the delivery has clearly been done they will compensate you.

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