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Hi all, i'm new to Fiverr. How's your Quarantine going on?

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Hi Everyone, Nice to here in Fiverr Community. It is very helpful. I have to read all the stories all of the sellers here. It would be great sharing and experience.

I am a UI/UX designer and also Retouch Pictures in Photoshop.

I hope Fiverr would be a good place for me to earn money on this Quarantine.

Best Regards,

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Guest ahmad203mk

Hey there Akshay,
I’m also almost new user on fiverr. I’m a digital marketer and specifically lead generation expert who can help you with your business and business development with your business digital assets management services.
Quarantine was o ly for ones who got infected with the COVID-19, the rest people were not in quarantine, they were just ordered to stay Home, stay Isolated stay Safe!! I hope the Merciless people who were happily killing Muslims in Burma, Syria, Iraq & Azaad Kashmir, etc. Should be enjoying the lock down in their own countries now, only now they’re getting to understand that what qere the innocent people facing in the curfews & lock downs.
May Allah forgive all the human beings and the Muslims of the whole world 🗺️ May this Virus COVID-19 comes to an end peacefully within the coming month!!
Kind Regards,
Ahmad Moeed

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