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Beware of this coding guy ********* on Fiverr


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Despite this being my first post on here, it is far from good unfortunately. So around Late January/Early February I was looking for a Developer in order to build an app for the apple store and android play. I paid as usual and all seemed to go as planned. However around Mid February the seller said he completed the Android portion and I was happy as it was much sooner than expected. After this he sends pictures of the work which is far from what i asked for and asked to my accept the delivery saying he will complete the rest of the work after. From here on I was skeptical because I had no way of testing the app and it was not even uploaded yet. I declineed and he said he’ll do it but needs my Developer accounts, I agree and give them to him. I discuss that we will need another app after this one and asked for the price and etc. HE then asks me to contact him on another platform for this which was weird. I stupidly agree and days go by with no work and he again asks to complete the delivery without showing any proof. After saying why, he explains that he does not even do the work himself, he outsources it and claims he does it! Saying he needed to pay his developers before he can get my work done. He never used the account info I gave him and continued to make excuses. After the deadline passed he said he won’t know when the app will complete, He’ll just complete it on his own time. He called me after and I found out he was from a different country than what he stated on Fiverr (********* instead of *********). Told Fiverr and eventually cancelled the order after all this wasted time. Just giving a heads up to let you know about his suspicious behaviour. I don’t believe he would have done the rest of the work if I had completed it.

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