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How to I get more Order from graphics design


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https://www.fiverr.com/sishaon5 please help me by checking my profile to improve

Hey seller,

I am also a graphic designer and I would love to give you some of the tips which can help you to grow in Fiverr.

You may know about this “first impression is the last impression” and in Fiverr your banners are your first impression that is why I think you should make some of the best design although you made it some more great banner. Create some great banner for your gigs. When a buyer wants to buy your gig. the price of your gigs should be less right now because nowadays the buyers don’t buy from a new seller but if your gig price is less, may be possible that the buyer may buy it. Change the price of your gigs. When a buyer wants to contact you at that time buyer will see that “what is your response time”. after that buyer will think that this seller gives a response very fast. So the buyer may think that I should give him an order.Your Response time should be 1hr. You should make some of the changes in your About Description as well as gig Description. you have to make keywords as much you can because it will make a good SEO. Make a killer description. At the end i would love to say that these tips will you out to be a responsible freelancer


Himanshu Raikwar

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