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Facing challenges and bad experience


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Hi there,

I’m a marketing expert providing Facebook marketing services to clients. A few days ago a client ordered my gig for the advertisement of her Shopify business. I told her that we need a Facebook pixel installed on our site for running conversion ads. I send her an extra offer for “creating a pixel”. She accepted the offer and I created a pixel for her. Now I have installed pixel on her site and delivered the order. She didn’t accept that order and opened a dispute now.

And also she wants me to pay for her ads. Why I should pay for her ads? She wants me to cancel the orders but I have done a lot of hard work for her. Her 1 order is already delivered and she is not allowing me to work on 2nd order. She already opened a dispute on 1 order. What should I do here?

I don’t want to get any negative reviews and I also don’t want to cancel the orders because my order completion rate is already 95%. She wants to get everything done free of cost.


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