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Advice on new sellers


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The following is my summary of how new sellers can do better, to the following points, these are my personal suggestions. :咧着嘴笑:

  1. Carefully designed the title of the service
    The title has a great impact on the successful sales of your service. After all, the main focus of looking for services is the title, making sure that the title is concise, attractive, and makes people want to buy your service at the first place. Keywords are another important factor. The right keywords can increase exposure and make it easier to find your service when potential customers search.

  2. Introduction to beautiful visual effects
    Now is the era of reading pictures, after all, pictures are the first place to pay attention to, so a beautiful picture can enhance customers’ willingness to buy your services, if you can, you can also upload a video to introduce your services more intuitively, which can further improve the sales rate.

  3. Provide high quality service
    The first two items belong to face, this belongs to Li Zi, after all, no matter how good-looking it is, you still have to pay attention to the inside. As an online service market, high-quality service is the most important, and rating in Fiverr has a great impact on your reputation. In order to improve the ranking of services, it is necessary to ensure that high-quality services are always provided.

  4. Publicize one’s own service more
    In the Internet era, if there is no traffic, there will be no attention, and there will naturally be no sales volume, so we should promote our services more and more on social media, and more people can see them. Only then will we have a chance to make more money.

  5. Get more sales as soon as possible
    ln Fiverr sellers are assigned different levels, including: new sellers, level 1 sellers, level 2 sellers, the highest rated sellers, different levels of services, for example, new sellers are only allowed to release seven valid services, and can only offer a maximum of $325,500 customized offers. On the other hand, the first-tier seller allows 15 valid releases and can offer customized offers of up to $1500.

If you really want to make the first bucket of gold through Fiverr, you need to complete a lot of sales as soon as possible. By completing the order, get a good sales volume, get a higher evaluation, the faster the order is completed, the faster the upgrade will be, and then get better service, improve the ranking of their own services, and then more promote sales, form a virtuous circle.

This is what I have spent a lot of time and carefully summed up. I hope you will read it carefully and hope it will be useful to you! I know it’s not easy for everyone. I’m so tired. Thank you! 🤎

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