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Why don't I see Bayer request?


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Every time I check my buyer request, but no request seen in my account. What can I do? How to improve it?

as a new seller something happen like this. Focus on bd time 1pm-2pm, 6pm-7pm, 5am-7am. I hope you will see many buyer requests.

But Condition is must have to create 7 gigs with multiple categories.

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You will get buyer request in a specific time and it’s also depend your gig category …if your order complication rate is lower than 90 you can not get any buyer request…try to active fiver and refresh your browser every 5 min.

What is order complication rate?

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  • There is a limit of 10 buyer request which you can send daily .

  • If you are unable to see any buyer request there might be a possibility that you have published fewer gigs , try to publish atleast 3,4 gigs and ideally 7 compelete gigs for buyer request to be shown properly.

  • And also try to publish one gig in “OTHER CATEGORY” this is also helpful in scenario when buyer request are not being shown at all .

Best of Luck .

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