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  1. You can provide graphic design service through your account.
  2. @master1995 check it bro, Hope it will help you. Thanks
  3. The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description: ammyy com blogspot com dafont com dailymotion com flickr com mixcloud com reverbnation com soundcloud com teamviewer com tumblr com vimeocom wetransfer com wikipedia org wordcounter net youtube com Note: If you use a URL, which is not in the above list, it will be removed from your profile. If used in your Gig, it will be denied. Repetitive violations may cause an account to be restricted. The portfolio site can’t contain any contact info.
  4. My sales are increasing during COVID time, This month Increased my sales than another month. How about your sales are going ??? ✌️
  5. That is still asking for a review. that means there are no way to say anything, right ? thanks, got it now,
  6. There are no way to say feedback or review. You can say that, please share your experience with my order.
  7. I think something is wrong, after all he placed an order so why client give you one star and bad review ? Of course something wrong, you can share your conversation then we can see who is right and who is fault.
  8. This is my old buyer. He knocked me for his work, I did his work as we discuss on inbox. After completed his work he placed an order then I deliver this order immediately. so my question is, If i deliver my order delivery within 2 minutes after place an order. Will i face any problem for this issue? Thanks
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