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Thank you Fiverr!


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Hi everyone,

My name is Daniel and I am from Australia. Given my age is under 18, and I am still in high school, you wouldn’t understand how grateful I am for the opportunity Fiverr has gotten me. I am earning more than nearly all of my friends on a consistent basis, and I love doing it! I love waking up early each morning (something that never used to appeal to me), checking my inbox to find I have messages and new orders. I sometimes intentionally wake up extra early just because I find it extremely exciting – something not many workers can say. The more orders I have, the better.

Since I don’t NEED to spend any money to survive, I have used Fiverr as an opportunity to save and invest as much money as I can from a young age. I literally love working extra hard to make extra money, and it’s even better when I don’t have to work extra hard to make the same amount of money. My parents used to nag me to get a job, but now that they see the potential online, they instead ask me how much I’ve made.

Last month I managed to make exactly $1300, which is absolutely awesome for someone my age. As I continue to mature online, I am seeing many opportunities not only on Fiverr, but starting my own website to make my own money. I can’t believe how… awesome this website is. I started off making $4 here and there, but started to build up my client’s trust and relationships, and am now getting many repeat and satisfied customers on a constant basis.

I plan to continue with my Fiverr journey, but at the same time I want to maximise my income through selling products which is a whole different story - something I wouldn’t be able to do if it wasn’t for Fiverr.

Lastly, and most importantly: I would like to thank the Customer Support team for your outstanding, prompt services you have given me. I had the opportunity for my gig to be on the first page thanks to you guys, and can’t thank you enough. I would also like to thank all my clients who have purchased from me, as without you guys, I wouldn’t be writing this.

Thanks! 🙂

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