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Orders suddenly stop


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My gig was working fine and I got 10-12 big orders in the month of August, but from the last one month suddenly I have stopped getting orders. Though I’m getting impression, view and clicks. And it’s seem’s like fiverr is dead for me. Please help me I’m in trouble.

Thank you,

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You’re not the only one to experience this, however, in my experience, orders comes in waves. I might go 2-3 days without any orders, then I suddenly receive 4-5 orders in one day. Also keep in mind that holidays, weekends etc. affect this, as people are at home, not working.

Since you’re getting impressions, views, and clicks, your gig is visible, so it’s just a matter of time before the orders start rolling in again. When you get one order, another one follows quickly - at least this is my experience.

I’m in the middle of a dead week here myself. I just completed orders for more than 1000USD in the last few days, and now I have no new orders. This is perfectly normal. I spend this time improving my skills, practicing my craft, taking courses, and working on side projects. Even time with no orders can be spent proactively, learning new things, improving your gigs, or even to simply relax and enjoy time with your family, friends, or World of Warcraft character :rofl:

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