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  1. No.I did not talk about review. I faced problem in the comments of a running order.
  2. I faced a problem for the last two days. Buyers left comments on the order page I got the notification but the comment not visible in my part so I could not see what the buyer write in the comment. can anyone face this kind of problem right now?
  3. My all gigs again on the last page. What can I do? This is the third time my all gigs kick out to the last page.
  4. Fiverr site down now and it says under scheduled maintenance. Screenshot_11057×538 15.6 KB
  5. In the last week, a buyer messages me that he need a logo and he sent me a font image. I saw that and realize that I can do this easily. Then he ordered me and when I submit the first draft then he said this was not his font what he provided. Then I show him a screenshot that this is the exact font. But he did not accept. Then he sent me another image what he like and I show him samples according to his samples. After that he sent another image and then want refund. I show him 15+ samples and that take 5+ hours. Finally, he cancel the order. I think he was a fake buyer and I have a question? How a seller save him from a fake buyer?
  6. From 10th January a huge sale drop. Sales drop by up to 70%. can it happen for winter? Does ANy expert help me? Or I can modify my gigs?
  7. Problem solved.Now messaging working. I lost two projects for this problem.
  8. Yes.I am very careful fiverr terms of service.But I want to know can It harm my other gig rank?
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