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Is there any way to contact a buyer after sending offer to a 'Buyer Request'?


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Hi all!

After sending an offer to a buyer request, sometimes I have to contact him and ask for more details of the requirement before he place the order.

Before a week, I could find the offer message in my inbox. (See attached file)Then I could simply send my message through that.

But, now I cannot see any offer message in my inbox after sending an offer. I do not know whether it is a bug in site or sellers cannot view offer message anymore.

Do you have the same problem?

Thank you


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I asked from customer support and they replied as,

Hi Kasun,

Thank you for letting us know. This is not a bug - the “offer” message will not appear in your Inbox but the buyer will receive it and will have the option to contact you regarding your offer.




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Reply to @kjblynx: That’s right. Then fiverr should provide facility to send a custom message when sending the offer (To explaining the offer and to ask more info if seller is interested on offer). Then sellers cannot spam as they are allowed to send only one message with the offer.

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