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Hi, I'm new here, blogger with multiple gig ideas

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I’m a new seller. I’m a blogger on HubPages. I mostly write about anime, and like especially looking for under-appreciated gems in sci-fi, fantasy, and adult-themed work. On here, I plan on doing things to help people who are publishing books. I am in the process of writing my own stories on Wattpad. I’ve published a book on KDP (not happy with it, in the middle of some serious revisions). I want to work on:

  • Book editing, especially sci-fi and fantasy novels because that’s what I love to read.

  • Blog editing and guest post writing on topics I’m interested in.

  • Book cover design.

  • Getting a book ready to be published on KDP, since I know about their requirements.

What I’m mainly uncertain about is how to choose fair prices and how to decide what to include in each gig, and how many gigs to have? Advice is welcome.

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