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I am not getting orders. HELP


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I see you have multiple Gigs offering the same thing. That isn’t allowed on Fiverr. You can actually have your Gigs taken down because of it.

Why not consolidate all of your similar Gigs (such as background removal) into one Gig, and we’ll work on that one together.

There’s no point optimising your Gigs only for them to be taken down a few weeks later.

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Generally, you can optimize a Gig in four ways:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Tags

I can’t give you an opinion on your title, because you have lots at the moment.

Your descriptions can be improved a little by running them through Grammarly, a free software that tidies up English texts. It’s not perfect, but it’s useful. You can come back here afterwards, and I’ll read through your edited descriptions.

You could add more images to your Gigs. Perhaps include images from different camera angles, so buyers can see how your work looks from close up, from far away, etc.

Tags are something I can’t help you with, because I know nothing about graphic design. This post by Miiila is useful, though:

We all get a max of 5 tags to use per gig, right from the start, if new seller or TRS, make good use of it, every bit you do that others don´t do, will help you. If you think 2 tags describe your service perfectly and everyone would type in either of those two, or both, great; if not, again, you got 5! tags to catch words or combinations of words people type in the search bar. Think like a buyer: what would you search for if you were looking for the service your gig offers? Ask random p…
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For more info on Gig optimisation, you can read this post by Fiverr Pro Paul Maplesden:

I’ve been working on a Fiverr blog post to help sellers optimize their gigs for sales, and I am delighted that it has just been published. You can find the post here: https://blog.fiverr.com/fiverr-pro-tips-optimize-gigs-maximize-sales/ image.jpg.8b85bc866c3a0189f221d59bd7d69435.jpgThis is based on my experience as a Pro seller, reading other people’s advice on the forums, experimentation, and analysis. It has 12 practical ways every seller can enhance their gigs to make them more appealing, and most of those hints and tips are q…
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Bare in mind that background removal and photo editing is the most popular category with a lot of sellers and competition. And on top of that there are not that many people buying this services because nowadays people can edit photos themselves with just a couple of apps and background removal is something niche which again nowadays using mostly companies with a bulk upload of photos.

So you will have to do something more than just hoping that fiverr will make you rich.

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