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I'm stuck. I have days without an order or even a question. when I was on a good run


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hello to all, I have more than 6 months working in fiverr and the truth has gone very well, I have more than 60 orders completed with a ranking of 4.9 stars. I always have a continuous flow of orders. but in the last weeks I am in 0 ZERO, not a question, the impressions, the clicks, the orders have dropped a lot. For the first time in these months that I have worked so long in this way, try to change the sample image, the sample title and nothing. What else could I do? I would appreciate your help since fiverr is my way of surviving in this country.

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I literally have 0 orders in queue. I don’t even remember the last time I had 0 orders in queue…Maybe when I first started Fiverr.

I think that they changed something within the algorithm. I’m here for a few years now, got TRS a few months ago and the amount of messages & orders I’m receiving in June is 5-7x less than usually.

I can clearly see that my analytics are way different than they used to be and the only reason for that must be the change in the ranking system. I know that there are some slow periods on Fiverr, I’m here for a while, I’m familiar with this. However, what’s happening right now is something that I didn’t experience for a very long time.

Not complaining, it’s fine for me. Adapt is the name of the game here. If it will continue, we will just need to find a solution by ourselves.

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