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I fed up with fiverr resellers. :(


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I am new in fiverr, just join 2 month ago. I am trying to give my best service in fiverr. That’s why my gig is fiverr recommended. I am really happy with fiverr. But some resellers trying to get my gig down. They order more and more because its cheap them others. When i successfully complete theirs order they give me negative reviews. I already told them if you unsatisfied then i will cancel their orders but they do not response just giving negative reviews. And everyone know that if i get more negative reviews then my gig would be down.

I don’t know what is their problem if they provide good service better then me then their gig would be recommended. But they provides low quality service that’s why people not buying their gigs. Now i thinking that may be i am enemy of their that’s why they doing this.

Anyone can suggest me what can i do now? And how can i protect them? I already submit a ticket in fiverr support but they do not reply now. Waiting for fiverr reply. My hope i will be a top ratted seller but may its not possible now. 😦



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please be wary of such people,they might be your competitor on fiverr who are trying to run your status down,all you need to do is to just tell them you will not be cancelling the order because it will affect your rating,so you will ask them where they need improvement n if after you redo the work they still left a negative feedback,or do not respond to you and later leave a negative feedback the contact the customer support and explain to them,an sure they would take away the feedback.customer support is always the best

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