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Beware of this new scam

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I recently got a message from a buyer who asked me about my services. In the end, I told them to book the order and they messaged me saying they needed my email.

*NOTE* The Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code below are from this website https://developerhub.wpay.com.au/digitalpayments/docs/test-card-numbers

Luckily I double-checked from that website as that info is for developers to use a "test card" to test if their payment gateway is working.


Normally after the Card Number, Expiration Date and Security Code; comes the Cardholder's Name


But in the first screenshot, they edited the text in the inspect tool (right-click and click on inspect) of Chrome to change the text to "Email Seller's" and "Ask Seller" instead.

REMEMBER!!! Fiverr will never ask for your email address.

p.s. I am very disappointed as I thought this was a potential first client 😞

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