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I need your opinions on my gig


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Hello and Greetings from the USA! Hope all is well with you and yours in Jordan?

I took the time and reviewed your Gig. I found it to be very impressive. Extremely fairly priced. I overall see nothing wrong with it.

Good Luck!


Greetings miss and thanks for the reply. How are you doing and how’s the states in general, and i’m all well and doing pretty great actually today is the very last day in Ramadan i’m fasting it and tomorrow could be the first day of Eid which is pretty great and exciting and here jordan it’s crowded especially in the markets now everyone who owns legs is out there on the streets lol yeah it’s getting pretty crowded it’s Eid time and all people here out shopping and what not…other than it’s pretty great in jordan unless you wanna get into the other side of high prices and living circumstances… haha but let’s not. by the way thanks for taking the time reviewing my gig i really appreciate your valuable opinion decent miss 😃

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