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Is it just me or Fiverr having Cache problem right now?


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Seems nothing is updating on fiverr site.

I delivered my drawing on the order page, marked as delivered, nothing showing on the page.

I tried to deliver with an attachment, nothing showing.

I tried to deliver in inbox, nothing showing.

Customer made new order with me, no information on the order page, but says they updated in the email I received from you.

I submitted a ticket with CS, but no response as " currently experiencing a high volume of support requests".

I’m very worried that the customer side can’t see anything after their orders are marked completed. They might think it’s a scam.

Also as I can’t see any update of all orders, my customers might request changes and be waiting for it. (I have a customer needing their $200 drawing in a couple of hours)

I hope this will be fixed soon.



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IT seems I can get his messages but he cant get mine, when I send it, it must be asking him for payment because he keeps sending back that he has already paid me for the gig… uber confused —just gonna leave it alone for a while but hes getting pretty angry

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