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No longer a level 2 seller


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I was recently made a level 1 seller, I have been a level 2 for years with hundreds of five star reviews.

This was done for no reason at all!

Pretty bummed out right now, I will email fiverr support and ask them to fix this for me.

I have been a level 2 for years with hundreds of five star reviews.

That doesn’t matter at all because Fiverr’s level system is automated. There is no manual interference whatsoever. Heck, for all Fiverr’s automated system cares, you could even be a TRS with millions of dollars earned, and your account would still be demoted if you failed to meet the requirements for TRS.

As long as you meet the requirements for level 2, you will be a level 2 seller. As soon as you fail to meet even one of the several requirements for level 2 (during evaluation), you will automatically drop to level 1.

The requirements to maintain your level are mentioned in your Analytics page (at least 90% order completion rate, on-time delivery, and response time over the last 60 days; at least 4.7 rating over the last 60 days). One of your stats must have dropped below the above-mentioned requirements. This is probably why you were demoted.

If you think you were demoted despite having met all the requirements to retain your level 2 during the last evaluation, CS might be able to help you. If not, there’s not much they can do, I’m afraid.

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