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  1. I was recently made a level 1 seller, I have been a level 2 for years with hundreds of five star reviews. This was done for no reason at all! Pretty bummed out right now, I will email fiverr support and ask them to fix this for me.
  2. this thread is five years old, weirdly enough people have started commenting again just as fiverr decreased me from a level 2 seller to a level one without explanation or any bad performances! not cool
  3. ps I often see people tend to become greedy once they are able to add extras?
  4. I now have 21 positive ratings. I would have more if my internet connection and fiverr were less glitchy lol. Thank you all for your support. 🙂
  5. I am happy to say I just got promoted to a level one seller! KAPOW! I am aware of the gig extras feature but has anybody noticed an increase of sales when they became a level one seller? I appreciate any feedback. Peace x
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