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Which topics helped you gain well on Fiverr?


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I have published a few gigs no orders yet but I am not upset, I understand it takes time and effort to get it going.

Anyway I wanna ask you guys a couple of questions & would be wonderful if I can get the answers…

1) Which topics/threads helped you get started on Fiverr?

2) What do you guys mean by advertise on Social Media?

I am familiar with Facebook and Instagram, twitter not so much but can get used to it. Where do I advertise when it comes to Facebook? I have little to few friends and non of them would be even interested in ordering anything as far as I know. So what’s the point… unless if it means adding shit ton of unknown friends and then advertising

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Guest emrlanka

You are welcome to the Fiverr Forum
Read these tips in the forum
See this link
(01) There are so many tips you need
best wishes 🙂

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