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Having problems generating sales. Help?


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Hey Chef!

It really does take some time to get going here on fiverr, but the tips that voiceoverwork so kindly posted will help you a lot! Seriously, follow those directions, and you will get your foot in the door. It’s often hard especially in our particular genre to get going, but hang in there!

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Hi Chef,

I’ve been on Fiverr making a full time living for a little over a year. Those are some helpful posts that the above recommend, but let me also chime in with a few practical and easy to follow tips, for you and some of the other people starting out.

  1. Absolutely your gigs need to be well thought out, well designed, and offer something that people want. You need to stand out from the crowd is some way. Either offer something unique, or something faster, or cheaper… in short an angle.

  2. You need reviews! People will likely completely skip on a new unreviewed gig no matter how awesome it seems because no one else has tested it. So you need to get out there and promote it. Tell your family, tell your friends. Maybe your friends have friends who need what you are offering? Get them to sign up to Fiverr and check out your gigs. You’re offering quality services right? So they’re bound to leave a nice review or two.

  3. (Continued from 2) Search the internet for all the forums and blogs related to your niche. Go on there and if somebody asks about something related to what you do, suggest your gigs. DO NOT SPAM. That’s not what this is about. It’s about establishing your credibility and relationship with other people on the forums and offering your service as a solution to their problems. You could just put your gig description into your forum signature and answer questions helpfully on the forums and you will get people checking out your services. *For your niche, you could have “Seek gifted psychic advise from thepsychicchef on Fiverr” in your forum profile signature. When you make helpful contributions or answer questions on the forum you are visiting, people will read your commentary, see your signature, and if they like what you’re all about, they’ll probably come and check out your gigs.

  4. Set up a Google Alerts notification system where you will be emailed anytime a certain keyword or phrase gets used in the pages indexed by google, you will be notified. You can set this to be blogs/forums/Q&A sites, etc. So if your niche is “psychic advice” make a goole alert for that. You will be notified whenever somebody mentions this phrase in the title of a new blog post, or forum thread, or question on a Q & A site, and you could answer a question in a NON SPAMMY manner, and attract some visitors to your gigs.


    MAJOR TIP: I just looked at your gigs, and your tags are completely unoptimized. You tags and your title are the two most important pieces of information that determine how your gig will appear in the Fiverr search results. So they need to be the phrases that you think people will put into the Fiverr search bar. If someone is looking for (taking your niche as an example) a love spell, do you think they are more likely to put “love” or

    "psychic advice" or “phychic healing” into the search bar? What you want to appear in the search results for, is what all your tags and titles should be based around.

    It’s a bit of work to get started, but a few hours a day, every day for a couple of weeks, and you should have some nice sales… and most importantly nice reviews. Your gigs will appear higher in the Fiverr search results for your terms, and people will trust your gigs more.

    Hope that’s helpful Good luck on your Fiverr journey 🙂
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