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A Fiverr Chrome Extension


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Hi !

I started working on some Chrome extensions and I had an idea.

Everytime I work on the order, I end up getting lost because, for example, he sent me a message with a list of things to do, we discussed about it, the message went “up” and I must scroll to find it. After, he gave me another task, etc. I end up getting lost with all the informations.

I used a virtual highligther to find what I did and not, but I still got lost. Also, there is time sensitive tasks and some with different priorities.

When I work, it also forces me to go back to Fiverr to see what I’ve done so far.

Here is my idea :

I want to make a Chrome extension (maybe also for Firefox) that could help into the management. There you be a button on the top bar of Chrome that would open a small popup. You can add client and their order. On each order, you can put when it should be done, the taskk, the priorities, etc.

I am thinking about making a website that could show where you are to the buyer. It would reassure them (that you are working on their order, what you’ve done) and avoid constant update requests.

What do you think about that ? Would you be interested ? If I put a price on the extension, what do you think would be a reasonable price (2.50$ USD may be a good idea, half of the “famous” 5$).

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The private note kind of gave me the idea. I thought that having a private “to-do list” for everyone was a great idea.

I can’t say I have a lot of experience with Chrome Extension Developing but I made a few and they worked very well (they are not public, but the buyer were happy for the most part).

About your idea, it is great ! When a seller will go on the “inbox”, it will open a small windows where they will be able to add “tasks” by category. So there would be the category Private Message, Order 1, Order 2, etc. When you add a task, you will be able to link it with a message. So you make a summary of the task and you can see the message easily for more information.

I will work on this by myself. I don’t know yet if I should make it free or maybe put a little price on the Chrome Extension Webstore (something low like 1 or 2$).

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