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Shipping an order out?




I am a new seller on Fiverr and my first order requires that I ship the physical project to Michigan. I understand that when I am done with the project I can upload an image to the buyer and hit Deliver now, however I have no idea where to begin the process of shipping this out to him. Do I go through the postal office/USPS? If you could please tell me step by step how this shipping process works I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Also, do I pay the shipping costs or does my buyer have to pay it??


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Hello! This is your job to find out all of this and would hopefully have some shipping experience already.

You should have the buyer pay for shipping costs unless you want to pay it yourself. All of this is your decision to make.

I don’t have any shipping experience and I am currently looking on the USPS website to see how all of this works. I’m still a little confused.

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