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Making gigs from other gigs


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I’ve been contacted a couple times- one good way to make some extra money is to find a voice over for a gig that you have that is animation, or whiteboard… you can charge $10 more for the voice- $5 would go to the gig you will buy for the voiceover…so it’s a 50/50 split…

You can do this with anything you can think of as a gig extra- and in the process helping each other 🙂

That said, I’d love to partner with another gig for services like this- up to you who you pick, but I will give a voiceover read my terms at the gig page … my gig is http://fiverr.com/techsaavy/read-a-script-voice-act-impersonate-for-3-minutes

You’re still reading? What are you waiting for! move that mouse and get to gigging! 😃

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