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  1. Where can we find the meaning of "impressions" in so far gig is concerned? Thank you!
  2. Thanks a lot for your suggestions God bless!
  3. Thank you for answering my question God bless!
  4. roger1127


    What is brief?
  5. Do I have to make my portfolio even if I'm just a newbie in Fiverr? Thanks!
  6. roger1127


    How to make a winning gigs?
  7. Good day everyone! What will be the effect to a certain seller here on Fiverr if he has a bad record in terms of his delay responses? Thank you;
  8. Thank you! Could expound the same in a simplest explanation so that it could easily be understood?
  9. Good day everyone! Who can give me an easiest way to understand about Fiverr market place? How can I join? And what benefits can I get in joining the same? Thanks! God bless us all!
  10. Thank you for giving me such link but to be honest I've found a hard time interpreting the same.
  11. Hi everyone What is Fiverr work place? How can I join Fiverr work place? And what's the benefits in joining the same? Thank you!
  12. I just wanna know what happen if you cannot response to the messages of your prospective buyers on time?
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