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I refer people to other gigs...do you guys?


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I have caught my self on several occasions remarking to clients from my flyer gig…hay there is graphic artists on fiverr…or hay a qr code would be cool…I have seen some one who does this …

Do you all do this? Any one with non competing but complimentary gigs want to set up a referral system?



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@katylady77, I’d love to swap appropriate referrals. I do funny 2D and 3D cartoon animations and have been sending Voice Over referrals to my favorite Voice Over Artists since I started just over a year ago. I referred one just a few hours ago to a potential Buyer.

I got a request last week for me to do a website but since I do my own website and it is not really my “deal” I had to respectfully decline.

I will keep your popular Flyer and Blog comments Gigs in mind for future referrals


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