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How can I get orders?


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Guest tumichael2

You should record a video talking about your gig by webcam and post it on youtube like this:

remember to make it short and catch viewers’ attention.

as you can see, i wear dark glasses to make it unique
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Most people over-complicate things. Simply do research into the most specific but broad at the same time keywords that are relevant to your gig. Market yourself via SEO with some basic steps covered pretty well in this thread,


& simple investment into low-end marketing avenues can go a long way. Some top rated sellers use this method to sink some money in to be found on high volume keywords and make profit off of the upsell. Someone finds you on let’s say “content writing” via a search engine and they click in, $5 is already a bargain and the person spent maybe $0.10 to a $1.00 for that, then they go and they up-sell for more. Up-selling is key.

Goodluck, 🙂

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