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Does "deliver again" marks the order as late?


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I delivered order to the buyer well and way before the gig time. But the buyer today messaged that he didn’t recieve the files. I can see the files attached in the order page with the usual delivery message.
The order has passed the delivery time but is not marked as completed.

So, if I re-send the files once again through the “deliver again” button, will it be marked as a late order?
Please help.

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Hey! can someone please confirm if it will be marked late if I deliver it again? my deadline just passed an hour ago, and I realized just now that there was a minor mistake in my order.

Did you deliver the order BEFORE the deadline?

If so, and now you realize there may have been a mistake, and you have fixed it and are ready to deliver the correct files, you should be OK and it should not be counted as late.

I would suggest though, in the future to be sure that what you are delivering is complete and does not have a mistake, as Fiverr can see this as manipulating the delivery system to avoid a late order - by delivering “something” even though you know you will have to go redeliver or fix something just to avoid the timer running out. Not saying you did this, but, there can be some unscrupulous sellers who may abuse this sort of loophole in order to buy a few hours or whatever more time to finish an order.


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Hey, yes, I understand what you mean. I am super cautious with Fiverr policies and have no late deliveries till now. I actually had to write “sleeplessness” and accidentally wrote and sent “sleepiness”! and added a portfolio picture of the same part. This is why I’m worried!

Thanks a bunch for your prompt reply 🙂

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