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  1. how many gigs you have? it depends on the gigs you have
  2. Lucky you since beginning of April my gigs are also going downwards. Hardly getting messages from from new clients running with my old clients now. not sure what kind of update Fiverr doing but its kind of hard 😅 hope everything will be ok soon
  3. well I am not alone my sales are also went down since beginning of April hope everything will be back to normal
  4. its not that easy to get orders in the beginning because there are alot of new sellers as well
  5. Welcome To Fiverr! Good Luck!
  6. As I know you cannot publish ads to get traffic but you can share your gigs on social media Try Pinterest and Twitter with correct hashtags
  7. Its December normally sales going down in 2nd week of December due to holidays something I face every year
  8. if they can copy without asking why do we have to ask them first??
  9. This is happened to me all the time since my gig top of gif section most of new comers copy paste my gig description which is annoying so I time to time I use plagiarize to find my description and report to Fiverr about them
  10. this is normal to me now because every year around July - October sales are slower not sure how it works for others
  11. Yeh same here even modification deliveries are also not visible after the delivery
  12. well it disappeared and I forgot to get screenshots -_- delivering again with inconvenience notes ahhh these BUGS!
  13. something wrong with Fiverr I guess same thing happened to me right now
  14. Yes December is a SLOW month for most of the sellers
  15. I am also having the same issue all my orders are dropped since last week
  16. Yes I opened a ticket explaining everything will see what will happen Thanks for the reply!
  17. A buyer submitted an order days ago and I delivered exactly what he requested he even asked modifications and I delivered them as well mean time he has purchased another order with 0 information I tried to contact him several times but no respond then I opened a dispute saying no information because time is running. he agreed to cancel that order when he came online also trying to cancel delivered order as well saying my work is poor this is very frustrating because he said he reported me to CS because I declined his cancel request I tried to talk to him to solve but he seems doesn’t like to that he is surely lying about this! what should I do now? cancel ?
  18. works totally fine for me I get pop up notifications
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