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My Fiverr week isn’t starting well.
I get a message, I leisurely check it…

(i thought I won’t need to reply, working on a big order, I had turned on ooo and picked the 8th from the calendar, believing that would be the last day of ooo mode and my gigs would get unpaused on the 9th, but no, apparently my ooo mode ended at midnight 8th. Okay, I’ll try to keep in mind that when I want to stay in ooo until, including the 8th, I’ll have to choose the 9th on the calendar)

A bit of luck, at least, because the buyer had not yet ordered but only “threatened” to order ("I will buy your gig and you… ") first.

I say threatened to order not because I don’t want to work but because they wanted me to do something that’s totally against ToS in multiple ways (why can buyers apparently use words like ‘review’, ‘PayPal’ and the like anyway they want while sellers’ messages get flagged for those terms even if used in harmless context?).

I’m searching for the ‘report’ button, but on the app, there is none.

I have an option to ‘block’ but I don’t want to block them, I want to report them, so they won’t go on and get some newbie who doesn’t yet know the rules so well into trouble. Blocking only blocks them but there’s no drop-down to report that they were asking for ToS-violating service and ‘work flow’.

I only can use the app at the moment, so after telling them ‘no sorry’, I hurry to reactivate ooo, because the last time this happened, and not long ago, at that, the person wanting a ToS-violating service just went on and ordered anyway (on a totally unrelated 24-hr gig, of course, too).

Tl;dr: “Report” button for messages is needed on the app as well.

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