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Query related to Revision policy



Hey everyone. I just joined fiverr in end on jun. Now i am filling problem as a graphics designer.I generally offer only one revision to buyers.But they are applying unlimited time (someone misused this) without paying extra. So i want to know what is rule in real. Please Help. Thanks.

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You make and enforce the rules in your gigs.

If you give only 1️⃣ revision with your gig and your buyer wants more after that, you can either charge them for any correction or tell them there will be no more revisions.

However, I usually will give a :2nd_place_medal:

I have never had any buyer ask for more than two, but, after the 2nd or 3rd revision request, I would explain that only 1️⃣ comes free of charge and send them a custom add-on offer for X number of additional revisions for :money_with_wings: .

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