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Check out my new gig, any suggestions for improvement are welcome


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Hi there.

The title says it all.

I want you to be relentess.

I believe my gig rocks. In fact, I am surprised it has only 1 order so far. That’s why I want your brutally honest opinion.

Here we go: https://www.fiverr.com/georkours/do-effective-no-bs-copywriting-that-converts

Thank you,

P.S- Some of you will be offended by my gig description… but you know it’s the truth!

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Apart from a couple grammatical errors, it is pretty good.


“I am actually a normal guy.”

doesn’t really add much to your gig (in my opinion). Consider replacing it with some other sentence about yourself that packs a punch!

Best wishes.

Hey thank you! Yeah, I write like a madman, so errors are unavoidable 😛

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