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What does "active" means?


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Hi, i’m artfromdreamland, i’m new to fiverr.

I opened an account a few days ago to buy a gig.

Now i have just created a gig to sell.

It is written that in order to get a level1, i must have 10 sales, excellent rating, and be active for 30 days.

But what means “active” ?

Participate to the forum, or buying something or selling something ?

thank you in advance

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Reply to @artfromdreamlan: Also, signing in regularly can help you lower your “responsiveness” rating. Not all Fiverr notifications produce emails. Sometimes the buyer sends you a message after the order is complete (sometimes in their feedback, sometimes just a general message) and you can miss them. They show up on the Fiverr site but you may not know they are there unless you sign in (and buyers can become annoyed or give negative feedback for being “ignored”). So sign in as often as you can. 🙂

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