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Buyer and Seller is Friends


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This is some tips for Buyer and Seller in fiver. This is based on my 4 month experience in fiverr. Actualy I have been active for first month then I get some first, second and third buyer who Trust and Order one of my gig. I am very happy on it and scary too, because I worry if buyer dislike my designs. Nice, the like and happy of my designs then some of them want to buy again and again. After some day I have lot of work (real work) in Indonesia as Civil Engineer and Designer. I am off in fiverr next month, because we too busy and have slow internet access.

In October , I upgrade my internet connection and ready to start work in fiverr again. I like work in fiverr. I can make a friends using my designs. If they like I am very Happy. I try to buy some gig from other and they do good work. “Buyer and Seller can be friends if Buyer Trust to Seller and Seller Try To Give Better Work To Buyer” .

For Buyer : Never worry if You want to buy new gig, Just contact them and make some Greeting, before buying.

For Seller : Try to Friendly, Honest and Make Best Work You can do.

Now, I am Seller and Buyer. Ready to Help and Buy nice stuff. Aaaaand Ready to make Friends.

How about You? Tell me Your Story ?

Warm Regards

Yandi A P


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Guest adtolly20

Thanks for this tips. I call it Seller and Buyer relationship, for example immediately i got an order/s, i will contact or send message to the buyer/s to say… “THANKS FOR ORDERED MY GIG/S” and am processing i will deliver shortly… after i delivered their orders i will still go ahead to thank them with Bonus.

Also, some days after i will send message to say hello and ask…hope my service or gigs they ordered work for their expectation… they felt delighted that i am asking them and this make them re-order my gig/s or introduce me to their friends.

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