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Hello guys review my gigs i am not getting enough orders


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Hi there!

I’ve taken a quick glance at your profile and I have some points for improvement for you!

  1. You’re offering the same thing in all your gigs, personally, I wouldn’t know what I would choose.
  2. Your gig titles are a bit long, personally, I don’t like it when I don’t know what I’m getting right away. Try to make your gig titles shorter.
  3. Your thumbnails are a bit messy, maybe you can meke them all more like the “I will design an elegant website logo”. This one was the clearest for me. You can also try to give all the logo’s the same background to make it a bit less messy. Just try a few different things!

Also, you said in your title that you’re not getting enough orders, have you tried visiting buyer requests often and have you promoted your gigs on your social media?

I hope this was helpfull! I wish you the best of luck

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