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  1. Welcome to fiverr, Best of luck on your journey here! This forum is full of people who are willing to help you if you have any questions! ☀️
  2. I have the same problem! I am still a level 0 seller, but I got a pretty steady flow of buyers when I first started. Now I don’t even see buyer requests and no one ever contacts me. I’m getting a bit worried my account is going nowhere…
  3. Hi! First of all, I’m so sorry this is happening to you… but before I continue with some advise maybe ask yourself these questions: Did you do exaclty what the client ordered?Did you use the right colors for print? (CMYK and such)Do you have experience with doing print jobs and are they good?If you answer yes to all these questions, it might just be a case of “he said, she said”. What I do in these kinds of situations is trying to come up with a solution that’s good for both me and the seller. A full refund obviously isn’t in your best interest, and feels unfair at this point (from the information that I have). That’s why I think your solution to do a quick revision is the best option. I think you could just ignore the full refund remark at this point, try to get a solution before these types of actions. If the buyer is still not satisfied after that, you might want to consider if your quality is high enough to be offering this service, or evaluate if the buyer is being a bit dishonest and just want your work for free. I hope this helps in any way!
  4. Aww okay that actually makes me a bit sad. I guess I do get they want this to be regulated, but maybe they could add the most used portfolio websites to the accepted urls to make it a bit easier on us.
  5. I’m sorry I think you misunderstood, I was asking if links to behance and dribble for example. If you can put those links in private messages, since they’re not allowed in your gigs.
  6. I was also wondering, since the link you shared was about what links where allowed in your gigs, if it’s okay to put other links in private messages with clients. (if they ask for it, not if you spam it to them)
  7. Oh I’m so sorry for giving the wrong information! I thought the links would be okay since those are all professional accounts! Thanks for the clarification!
  8. That’s an interesting question! You can solve this in a few ways. You could link to a professional portfolio account like your behance , artstation or dribble. You could also link to your own professional website which showcases your portfolio or make a portfolio in PDF to be send to clients directly. I hope this was helpfull to you!
  9. Welcome to Fiverr! I wish you the best of luck in your Fiverr journey!
  10. Hi there! I’ve taken a quick glance at your profile and I have some points for improvement for you! You’re offering the same thing in all your gigs, personally, I wouldn’t know what I would choose.Your gig titles are a bit long, personally, I don’t like it when I don’t know what I’m getting right away. Try to make your gig titles shorter.Your thumbnails are a bit messy, maybe you can meke them all more like the “I will design an elegant website logo”. This one was the clearest for me. You can also try to give all the logo’s the same background to make it a bit less messy. Just try a few different things!Also, you said in your title that you’re not getting enough orders, have you tried visiting buyer requests often and have you promoted your gigs on your social media? I hope this was helpfull! I wish you the best of luck
  11. Welcome! Best of luck to you here in Fiverr and the forum!
  12. This is such an inspiring succes story! I think it’s great you’re able to up your prices a bit! I think it’s kind of a hard thing to justify on Fiverr because everyone expects everything here to be very cheap. So I’m glad to finally be reading an post on this forum of someone being able to ask what you deserve! Keep up the great work!
  13. Well I think it’s good you stay busy! Keep working hard and things will get better!
  14. What do you mean? Do you mean it’s dificult to get buyers? Because that will be a struggle at first. I’m fairly new myself and sometimes I get a few orders in a row, sometimes I get nothing for weeks. So if that’s the problem, don’t worry about it, just make sure you check buyer requests often.
  15. I was wondering the same thing yesterday, but today it got completed! I always make sure to contact the buyer when an order gets automatically completed, to make sure the buyer got all the things he or she needed. Some buyers don’t look at Fiverr everyday and will be surprised by the automated system.
  16. Welcome! I wish you the best on Fiverr, if you need any help find us on the forum 😃
  17. Thanks for your answer! I wouldn’t recommend this for just any gig. Your work is worth more then 5 dollars!
  18. Thanks for the tips! I do have a question tough, can you change the URL of your gig? I have changed my titels a bit to make them more fitting, but that means they are not the same as the URL. Will this be a problem for me?
  19. That’s understandable, but there is something to be said for selling at a lower price point at first. There are the cheap buyers, of course, but also ones that just aren’t certain about people with no/few reviews. A low price might be the key to pushing them to take a chance. Of course, it’s ultimately your choice. Ah yes, you make very good points, I might consider it if it becomes a problem, but for now, I feel pretty good about my decision.
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